About Us

R&B Events is a little company that produces big fun events for RV owners.  We produce Alumafandango, Alumapalooza, Alumaflamingo, and other events.  Although most of our events are specifically oriented to Airstream owners, we always welcome owners of any brand of RV.

Our philosophy is that we design events that we’d like to attend ourselves.  We strive to keep everyone active and engaged all day long, with lots of entertainment, educational seminars, contests, outdoor fun, and laughs.  Even the kids and the dogs get their own events!  The most common thing we hear after an event is, “This was so much fun!  But I didn’t get a chance to do everything, so I’ll be back again next year!”

Click on the event names above to learn more about our upcoming events.  You can also find programs from prior years (we call them “Survival Guides” because you need to pace yourself!) on the individual websites for each event.  In addition to what’s on the official program, there are always a few surprises, too!  You’ll know what we mean when you come to one.

Events we’ve produced

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